The company’s ambition is to synthesize an artistically high valued image and technically bulletproof solutions. It believes buildings represent technical achievements, culture and the attitude of society. While working on architectural design ARTEKS always keeps in mind that an architect is a professional for whom it is important to consider both the wishes of the client and the public interests. With every new design project the team tries to find new and better ways to satisfy all interests which often differ. Architects are artists and engeneers with appropriate attitude and education. Great results can only be achieved by being aware of all the above mentioned aspects and being able to communicate with insight during the construction process.

The architect firm ARTEKS does a plethora of design projects, starting from interior designs to multistory office buildings and apartment houses. While designing large scale objects, having a well-developed team gives ARTEKS great advantage – such objects have a considerably higher amount of issues to be solved which calls for more specialists. ARTEKS’s mission is to add a significant cultural contribution on top of the necessary technical and functional design, so as to improve the public environment and give clients the chance to familiarize with the architectural aspects of design.

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